“The purpose of a liberal arts education is to learn that a person can like both cats and dogs!” —Anonymous


C.C. Celebrates Number 7

C.C. Celebrates Number 7

C.C. celebrates his 7th Birthday with his new crinkle toy. He is even nice enough to share a corner with Pedro.

Calender Cat

Calender Cat C.C.

C.C. poses with his Page A Day Calender Photo.

Happy Birthday Pedro!

Happy Birthday Pedro!

Pedro celebrated his 8th birthday by sharing a catnip cigar with C.C.

Cat watching

Cat watching

Pedro enjoys an educational show that's all about cats.


Pedro and C.C. share their new cat toy.

Page A Day March 24 2015

Page A Day March 25 2015


C.C. is easy like Sunday morning.

C.C. enjoys the rays of the Sun after a healthy breakfast.

Happy Cat

C.C. enjoys a moment under the Christmas tree.

Cat Fight

Cat Fight

Pedro and C.C. find a way to pass the time.

A quick nosh of cat grass.

C.C. has a quick nosh of cat grass.

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