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Read about the everyday life of Cosmo, Pedro and C.C.

Blizzard 2016

Blizzard 2016

Pedro demonstrates how to ride the storm out during the blizzard of 2016.

Early Christmas

C.C.'s Early Christmas

C.C. decided to open one of his presents early this year.

C.C. Celebrates Number 7

C.C. Celebrates Number 7

C.C. celebrates his 7th Birthday with his new crinkle toy. He is even nice enough to share a corner with Pedro.

Calender Cat

Calender Cat C.C.

C.C. poses with his Page A Day Calender Photo.

Happy Birthday Pedro!

Happy Birthday Pedro!

Pedro celebrated his 8th birthday by sharing a catnip cigar with C.C.

Cat watching

Cat watching

Pedro enjoys an educational show that's all about cats.


Pedro and C.C. share their new cat toy.

Page A Day March 24 2015

Page A Day March 25 2015


C.C. is easy like Sunday morning.

C.C. enjoys the rays of the Sun after a healthy breakfast.

Happy Cat

C.C. enjoys a moment under the Christmas tree.

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